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Banking at an online casino might be difficult in many regions of the world. While deposits are normally instantaneous, withdrawals, regardless of the payment type used, can take time. Bitcoin strives to make payments as frictionless as possible, therefore it's no surprise that Australian online casinos have begun to accept Bitcoin payments due to their speed and convenience.

bitcoin casino

Bitcoin's numerous advantages have led to an increase in the number of Australian online casinos accepting it as a payment mechanism. We'll walk you through the finest Bitcoin casinos, how to use bitcoin to make a deposit or withdrawal, and even how to get Bitcoin if you're new to the crypto world.

Top Bitcoin Casino Australia

All of the Bitcoin casinos on our list are secure and trustworthy. They are licenced in recognised jurisdictions and employ software from reputable operators. Each of these casinos accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. This implies that you may use Bitcoin to fund your account, place bets, and withdraw profits.

A Brief Overview of Bitcoin

While Bitcoin is new terrain for the online casino sector, it has been around for a long time and is commonly used for online payments. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, sometimes known as a cryptocurrency, that was originally introduced in 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto created it on the 31st of October, 2008. The privacy component that surrounds Bitcoin's operation is thorough, to the point where we still don't know if Satoshi Nakamoto is a human or a name used by a group of people.

Bitcoin is more than just a currency, according to Nakamoto; it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic payment system. Because it is a digital money, it is not available in physical form, such as real paper currency. As a result, its application is restricted to the virtual online domain.

Bitcoin's Advantages

Numerous qualities make Bitcoin a popular payment method at online casinos and elsewhere online.

In the next sections, we'll go through the most important aspects of Bitcoin.

✅ No need for a middleman

Because Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency, its purchase and selling take place directly between two peers. A Bitcoin transaction does not necessitate the use of an intermediary. This is one of the aspects that sets it apart from other flat currencies.

✅ It is not influenced by banks.

It is stored and exchanged on computers all around the world over the Internet because it is a digital currency. There is no reliance on banks or other financial institutions to acquire or sell them.

✅ Financial institutions and government agencies do not regulate it.

Bitcoin is completely self-contained. Bitcoin is not regulated by financial institutions such as banks or even government bodies that oversee financial instruments such as money.

✅ It is confidential

Because Bitcoin transactions are unregulated, they provide a level of anonymity not found in any other money. When purchasing Bitcoin, for example, a player does not have to submit all of the necessary information.

✅ It is Quick

Transactions in Bitcoin are immediate. This is because the transaction is not mediated or authenticated by a third party. The currency is electronically transferred from the seller's account to yours. Physical transactions are also available (by meeting the vendor), but the transaction is still instantaneous and electronic. This is another another significant advantage Bitcoin has over other currencies.

✅ It is safe

Bitcoin transactions are extremely safe because to cutting-edge encryption technology that rivals the best in the world. This provides an added degree of protection to the processes already in place at the online casino.

What's the Best Way to Get Bitcoin?

While the list of Bitcoin casinos we've created for Australian gamers allows you to utilise Bitcoin, the first step is to obtain Bitcoin. To obtain Bitcoin, you will need to go to a Bitcoin exchange, and after you have them, you will require a wallet to store them in. The wallets are free to obtain and may be obtained online. You must register with the Bitcoin exchange once you arrive.

You can purchase Bitcoin in a variety of ways:

  • You can purchase Bitcoins from one of the many Bitcoin exchanges available online. Payments for Bitcoin can be made with a credit card, debit card, or e-wallet. Purchases can also be made in cash. You can choose between worldwide markets and local Australian exchanges like Independent Reserve in Sydney.
  • P2P marketplace: A P2P marketplace is a location where you may engage in trade and get Bitcoin in exchange for items or services you can provide.
  • Individual entrepreneur: You can buy from someone who already owns Bitcoin and wants to sell it. While this is normally less expensive than buying on an exchange, there is a risk involved because you are unlikely to know the seller. Once you've confirmed a seller's credentials, buying from him is a solid choice.
  • Bitcoin mining is the last option because it takes specialised skillsets and in-depth knowledge of programming and hardware, making it inaccessible to the general public.

Australian Players Can Use Bitcoin at Online Casinos

You can make deposits with Bitcoin after you sign up for an online casino that accepts Australian players and supports Bitcoin as a currency.

  • Go to the casino's Banking or Cashier area.
  • Choose Bitcoin as the currency to work with.
  • Choose your Bitcoin wallet and sign in with the correct credentials.
  • Choose how much Bitcoin you wish to deposit.
  • Fill in any extra information that is requested.
  • To finish the transaction, click the Submit button.

Once your account has been financed with Bitcoin, you may select the game you wish to play, place a Bitcoin wager, and press the Spin or Deal button to begin.

Withdrawals follow the same steps as deposits, and the Bitcoin you earn are transferred to your Bitcoin wallet at the conclusion. The sum can then be transferred to your bank account in fiat currency, and the converted amount in fiat currency will be placed into your account.

Providers of Bitcoin Casino Software

Bitcoin's popularity has led to it being listed as one of the currencies supported by a number of well-known software suppliers. Existing suppliers accept Bitcoin as well as other fiat currencies such as the Australian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, and US Dollar. There are many services that just accept Bitcoin.

Some of the casino software suppliers that accept Bitcoin include:

  • BetSoft Gaming is a company that specialises in video games
  • Gaming in Real-Time
  • Rival Gaming Saucify Pragmatic Play
  • A word on SoftSwiss: SoftSwiss, based in Austria and founded in 2008, is a renowned Bitcoin casino software provider. Australians can play at casinos that employ their software, including as Bitstarz and Las Atlantis.

Drawbacks of Using Bitcoin

Another data that demonstrates the Bitcoin's popularity is the recent increase in its price. When it was first established in 2009, one Bitcoin cost $1. Today, the price of one Bitcoin is over $240. In 2014, the price of one Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $1000.

There are various benefits to utilising Bitcoin, as well as a few drawbacks.

  • Buying and selling with anonymity.
  • The ability to send money anywhere in the world at any moment.
  • There is no financial institution or government agency regulation.
  • Vendor acceptance is limited due to a lack of understanding and awareness about cryptocurrencies.
  • In many regions of the world, there is a lack of legitimacy.
  • Because of its anonymity, government authorities are wary of it; the fear is that criminals and terrorists could use it.