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English Harbour Casino

While there are hundreds of top notch online casinos that are truly keeping their reputation by providing an unparalleled casino gambling experience and unbiased casino services to their beloved casino players, English Harbour Casino done that part since 1997 considering they are the oldest online casino that is still soaring up high with their steadfast credibility and superior frontrunner in the online gambling industry.

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How To Play Keno

In 1800, Keno was first played in China and the game became the favorite past time to all which brought the game to USA and all over the country. Keno is a variety of bingo and lottery where you can win a huge prizes with only a little bet to place. With a 30% of house edge, the game was bombarded with all casino goers playing it.

By playing keno, you have to place the numbers on the Keno board and the computer can also choose a set of 10 numbers randomly for you. A green light is flashed on if you have made a choice for the number and just in case you want to rethink about the number press that particular button again.

The numbers to choose from are 1 to 80. You must choose at least three numbers and no more than ten. Once you have decided that with what numbers you wish to play afterwards you can make a choice for a bet for, most likely you can bet at keno by only $.25 or $1, more over, you can bet the highest amount in keno, which is $10.

Next is to choose on how many rounds you want to play where you can play at one round or unlimited number of rounds using the same numbers to pick. Once you completed the steps, you may now click the “Play” button.

The game starts picking the numbers and at the end of the each keno round, the results of the numbers will be shown and if you won, the money will be added to your online casino account.

Types Of Keno Games

  • Straight Bet
    it allows you to select a single keno numbers on which to bet. You can select at least 15 numbers in a single keno game. There are some online casino sites that allow you to pick up to 40 number with the a allowable bet of $1.
  • Split Bet
    In Split bet, you can pick a multiple groups of numbers within the same keno game. The groups of numbers you select are delineated by a line or a circle. If you bet $2 on each group could carry a $4 total bet.
  • Way Bet
    You can bet on a several groups of numbers within the same keno game. Although its a very complicated bets in keno because you must pick assorted combinations of numbers from preferred groups of numbers. It also involving a calculations that it may find it very hard to track their selections.
  • Combination Bet
    Form its name, it involves a combination of various straight bets on 1 ticket in a contrasting styles. Each and every combination will cost you a one full betting unit
  • King Keno Bet
    Much likely with the Way Bet, however, the difference is that the king keno bet is you have to choose .one or more of your selected numbers to be a king numbers.
  • Super Keno
    This game is mainly focus is on the first number drawn. If any of your selected numbers match the first number that the computer generates, then your winnings are multiplied by 4.
  • Power Keno
    Started in Australia to add fun and excitement in the game of keno. Any of the picks that you made the 20th number that is down, then you win 4 times of your bet.

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