Fearless Forecast on Bonus Blizzards Finally Announced at Intertops for Winter Giveaways

When looking through online casino lane, you would certainly find Intertops Red on the lead. That’s because this Internet based gambling site is overflowing with the biggest and latest gaming features and offers. For the holidays, the virtual wagering site is giving out a weather forecast for all its qualified and loyal members. Punters would enjoy the massive winter storm with the Bonus Blizzard campaign at Intertops. Punters could take part in nearly a quarter million dollars in gaming bonuses and freebies. The players’ leaderboard keeps track of the scores for regular and active punters who make daily bets and wagers on the site. Every Monday for the entire month of December, 250 players on top of the scoreboard could receive a total of $800 each. The maximum weekly giveaway for the winners is a total prize pool of $30,000.

On top of the incredible rewards, the leading site in the online casino lane is dishing out even bigger prizes. The top 15 players and scoreboard leaders per week will have the chance to enter the grand prize which is intended for two winners. The $1,000 Golden Toboggan prize money will be up for grabs at the end of the Bonus Blizzard campaign.  Internet wagering sites such as playonlinecasinoslots are home to some of the most exciting and generous classic slots favorites and new titles added in the bookmaking portfolio. Intertops is making sure it is constantly updating its gaming collection so that players could enjoy the holidays with tons of diverse games and titles and the hugest prizes at stake.

There will also be 50 players qualified to receive the bonus for the Storm of the Century slots game. Those who are qualified are the active players who fortunately played earlier during the week as the bonuses will be given away every Thursday of the month. The Bonus Blizzard promotion is scheduled to culminate until the 27th of January, 2014. There are over 300 different games at Intertops where players could choose in the online casino lane. Over 200 games are also offered at the classic portfolio of Intertops with Christmas themed slots slowly becoming seasonal favorites and even all year choices.

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