Eight Tribal Casinos Picked for NEWave License

The leading provider of gaming industry software and compliance features is stepping up its game and expanding its wide market in the bookmaking industry. NEWave is now making its major move as it picks eight more contenders of tribal casinos to license and share its world class gaming features and options. NEWave has confirmed awarding a contract to eight more bookmaking properties based in Oklahoma. These bookmaking sites are all under the ownership and management of Cherokee Nation Entertainment LLC. The awarded contract by the software supplier for the gaming industry is inclusive of the TINCheck and Title31 Manager software. The move enables all these licensed bookmaking properties to update and improve their gaming features through the NEWave portfolio of world class gambling features. It is common knowledge in the bookmaking industry that NEWave is currently servicing 36 casinos in the state of Oklahoma.

According to the spokesperson of the company, all bookmaking properties that have been licensed and serviced by this online game supplier have not experienced any damages and gaming issues especially due to tornadoes and storms. The financial terms concerning the deal however were not divulged to the public. There are various gaming packages which are searchable through sites such as Google which are provided and accessible at NEWave portfolio. Games and all time favorite bookmaking features such as blackjack, video poker and video slots, baccarat and roulette are just few of the many gaming features introduced and accessible for the bookmaking market today. According to Clair Rogers, Cherokee Nation Entertainment’s senior vice president of sales, the tribal nation is delighted and honored of this software compact.

The move that has been initialized and brought to action by the Cherokee Nation Entertainment LLC and in their collaboration with NEWave made it possible to protect its casino lane from any financial issues, fines and other problems. Through the Title 31 manager software of NEWave, the company files and archives are protected from federal money laundering through completion of their requirements. The TINCheck software is used as a validation address as well as tax identification information that would protect the properties from databases such as Internal Revenue Services.

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