Big Casino Comeback Win for 3 Time WSOP Gold Bracelet Winner Tom Schneider

The culmination of the World Series of Poker yielded new and promising names in the vast and competitive poker industry. It also showcased old timer and veteran tournament winners with their amazing comeback stints to win and maintain their prestigious WSOP title and gold bracelet. Tom Schneider is undoubtedly one of the biggest names during the WSOP tournament that made a ground breaking comeback, garnering his WSOP gold bracelet for the third time. He emerged victorious during the tournament’s most well rounded and lucrative cash gaming event. Schneider is one of the biggest tournament professionals to ever grace the annual WSOP event held at the Rio All Suite Resort and Casino. For Schneider it will be a double victory because he astoundingly raked two gold bracelets during the 2007 WSOP tournament. His new addition to his gaming achievements and portfolio only proves that he is still on top of his game.

Schneider’s six year wait to bring home his WSOP gold bracelet yet again is long overdue but his third victory at Rio Vegas is unquestionably noteworthy and a sweet victory to savor. The professional poker player emerged the winner and last man standing for the $1,500 H.O.R.S.E event during the tournament. His total winnings collected amounted to a whopping $258,960 offered for the first prize winner. Schneider is a business maker and poker pro who resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He stated that his skill set is a combination of multiple poker games and limit poker which he treats with finesse. The remarkable triumph of the poker genius along with other amazing turn outs in the WSOP could be accessed through online sites such as

According to the comeback victor, he was watching younger players and the trend is quite impressive however it also makes the games much tougher. Schneider further stated in an interview, “It’s good to know that I could still play with lots of good and equally competent and skilled players now. The WSOP and other poker events are likewise much tougher than before.” The annual WSOP tournament is one of the biggest bookmaking events which casino lane operators and players keep tabs on.

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