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Gambling 101

Basic Gambling Information and Strategy Guide

Gambling already made it's way to different countries all over the world in different forms and names. A lot of sports today is now associated with gambling this is much known as “sports betting”. But do you ever wonder what is the definition of Gambling? Where, when and how it started?

"Gambling is inevitable. No matter what is said or done by advocates or opponents of gambling in all its various forms, it is an activity that is practiced, or tacitly endorsed, by a substantial majority of Americans." - Commission on the Review of National Policy toward Gambling, 1976, p.1.


Gambling is defined as the act of wagering money or a thing that has the same value as the money with the hope or intent of winning additional money and/or material goods more than the one at stake on an event with an uncertain outcome.

Our early predecessors proved to be enthusiast of game of luck and chance. Gambling existed throughout the ages and culture of most civilization. According to historical data and archeological evidence collected, the 20th century has solid proofs that gambling activities took place in some of the most prestigious societies existed. Artifacts believed that are related to gambling has been seen in China, Egypt, India and Rome.

Most of the gambling games available at present day land-based casinos like Poker, Slots, Roulette, Craps, Bingo, Lottery and more has it's rich history of its own. Truly, Gambling traveled a long, long way to where it is now. It may differ in forms and varieties but as long as the definition of gambling remains the same it'll be always gambling.


Not all countries and states allowed gambling. Most of the countries and states has it's own regulation about gambling. A lot of jurisdiction on the local and national levels either ban or control the licensing of gambling. Monaco and Macau provides a significant amount of government revenue through taxation. Some states in the U.S. sees gambling as a Class C felony. Make sure that the country or the state you are in allows gambling or specific gambling games so that you can avoid breaking the law.


More and more people in the world plays casino games either online or on real casinos every minute of every hour. But do you ever wonder why people loves to gamble? Give yourself a reason why you should gamble. Is it only for entertainment or for living? Ask yourself why should I gamble? Will I be wasting my money hoping I could win more than I bet for?

A lot of people are getting addicted to playing games like poker, slots, blackjack and many more. Especially now that it has become easily accessible to the public in any age using online resources and well known applications to social media networks. Although some jurisdiction in certain countries try to filter websites and applications like this to ensure that the law is being implemented for the benefit of their people.

It's okay for a person to entertain oneself from gambling. Although, you might like to take this tips before going to casinos or online. This will help you avoid losing a whole lot of bucks to useless bets and unfair advantages. Remember that casinos, either online or not, already have the advantage. This is also called, the “House Edge”. They don't have to cheat because they already have profits built on every bet every players make.


When you enjoy yourself, you unconsciously try to lose your self-control and your money. Try to limit the money you bring to casinos or deposit (if you're playing online).


Technically, not all people can tolerate the effects of alcoholic drinks. If you can control yourself while drunk, I think it'll be okay. But if you know yourself that you're not, try to go to casinos. A lot of casinos offers comps (complimentaries) like these. But in the fact that they are free doesn't mean that it's just free. Alcoholic Beverages has direct and immediate effects on the nervous system. This may reduces your concentration, proper judgement and decision making that may lead to mistakes and wrong decisions.


Try to learn the basics of any casino game before even trying to play one. Researching for resources like casino guides, casino tips, casino strategies and etc., wouldn't hurt as much as the amount of money you're about to lose if you try to play the game without even knowing the rules.


Negative emotions contribute greatly in making a player either lose on the casino game he's playing or being banned from casinos. Negative emotions like anger, depression, and etc. will only make your full potential to it's lowest because these emotions try to control you before you realize what just happened. Always try to have a clear your mind and be positive. Being open-minded to things will make you see things more clearly.


People tend to forget that the time they already spent in playing casino games. Well you can't blame them because some of these games are really make you get hooked. If somehow you noticed that you are tired, give yourself time to rest and if you're hungry try to eat a decent meal. This way you can think more clearly and have the energy for resuming what you left.


Don't pressure yourself too much when playing casino games. Remember that these games are game of luck and chance and it'll take a whole lot of whim to win the jackpot. Enjoy the game! Gambling is made not only to make people possibly rich but also to give entertainment to everybody watching the game itself.

Do's and Dont's

Do not desire to win back.

Casino is gambling. In gambling, winning has no assurance. There will be times when you consumed a large amount of money in betting without winning it back. If that happens, stop. You can still play on the following days. Not everyday is your lucky day. You're not the only gambler in this world to keep on winning. Gambling, deep inside shall make you enjoy you game and your day, not to make you greedy about the prizes.

Intuitive Bets Goes on Selected Games.

Being an intuitive bettor is not as bad as you think. If you're playing baccarat, craps or keno. But if you're playing blackjack or poker, whoa! Intuitive bet is such a no-no. Sometimes it goes like bankruptcy. Casino games with strategies must be played with these strategies. Probabilities are useful. Never forget that. Intuition shall be used depending on your game of choice.

Concentration is a Must.

Most players lose their money without noticing it. Why? Because they loss contact with their game. Probably because of drinking, or chatting with other players. Casino process sometimes make them feel dizzy. It is an important reminder that if you feel like you're not concentrating enough with the game, leave. Playing with your mind it casino is better.

There is a word called “Limitation”.

A gambler must set limitations while playing. Specially when it comes to the money or the bets. Once you lose what you've set for limits, stop. There are more important things for your money. Foods and miscellaneous fees shall be considered.

Do not feel like a Rookie in Asking Question.

True. If you're new in casino and you're wondering how a machine works or how to play a certain game, feel free to ask questions. The Pros had done the same thing. The reason why there are attendants in casino is to help the players. And your co-players are willing to help too. Sure, you doesn't want to blame yourself in losing your dimes because you don't know the game.

Know the Rules.

Before doing anything, keep in mind that everything has a rule. Set of rules that must be followed. Casinos for example has lots of these so-called-rules. Understanding is your key in this rule. Before you play, know the rules, understand it and implement it. Its quite annoying if in every move you do, there is an attendant guiding you. It is more embarrassing than asking for questions and help.

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