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From the flashy street's of Las Vegas to another city that loves gambling, Casino's sure have been one of the top leading entertainment place on earth. If you prefer high class services and equipments, you can go to hotels and restaurants that have casino like MGM Grand Hotel, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Bellagio, Atlantic City, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Palms Hotel and many more. But if you prefer to just hang out with your friends and enjoy a game of Poker without trying to fit in or even paying a huge amount of money for the services and lodging, you might like local casinos like South Point and Red Rock.

You might probably know or heard about the casinos I've mentioned. You probably have your own pick right now. But not a lot of people has time and the ability to go there. That's why online casinos are a really great way of reaching out to these people. Youre just a click away playing the online casino games you love on the online casino you pick. The only dilemma of a gambler lies on where he should play, what online casino he or she should choose and who can be trusted.

You can find other online casinos that offer good services but lacks on the entertainment department or even vice versa. Trust, Quality, Reliability and Entertainment seem so insoluble if you ought to have the perfect online casino fit for your preferences. Online Casino Lane is here to help you find that perfect online casino suited for your every need.

There can be a million articles out there claiming they know what is the best online casino for you. But here in Online Casino Lane, we respect your choices. Whatever you choose, whatever you believe in, we are here for you.

Choosing is tough and there is no doubt about it. You can either choose to continue reading this article and know about the elements an online casino should have and trust me, you will have one of the best online casino experience or close this page and go to other casino tips offered by so-called casino experts out there and end up choosing online casino websites they suggested or so we thought.

An online casino should have these basic elements for all players:


There's a lot of eye-catching bonus schemes that online casinos (and also land-based casinos) offers. Well for starters, a Casino Bonus is a kind of reward that people may claim by simply doing the required things like signing up (for new members) or by playing frequently on that online casino.

Yeah, it's that simple! But hold your horses, because there's a lot to explain about casino bonuses. First, is that it has different kinds and second is that you can only claim it by doing the required action to be done depending on that particular casino bonuses.



Signup Bonus is probably one of the most popular online casino bonus promotions you can see all over the internet. You can see a lot of banners and pictures of an online casino that has a phrase like “Get up to $5000 FREE 100% Sign Up Bonus” or “Grab up to $7,777 FREE In Your First SignUp”.

Signup Bonus is a reward to people who signs up an account in an online casino and make their first or depends on the required deposit one must have before they can claim the bonus offered.

It is also known as “Welcome Bonus” since it is offered to new members.


The title itself is already self-explanatory but I like to elaborate more on this particularly on how to earn it. A Loyalty Bonus is acquired differently. Unlike Signup Bonus, this bonus can be acquired regularly depending on your playing habits.

Online Casinos need Loyalty Bonuses to have players frequently playing in their casino. The more you play the more Loyalty points you pile up.


Referral Bonus is another casino bonus scheme used in a lot of online casinos. It depends on your online casino if they offer this kind of bonus or not.

You can earn Referral Bonus by just referring that certain online casino to a friend. You are given a certain code or special link that you can send to your friends.


Other online casinos or land-based casinos offers special promotions. Special Promotions includes promotions that is not included or categorized as the first three.

A really good example of Special Promotions are Cash, Electronics or Car Giveaways and Vacation Cruises.


This includes VIP Rewards etc.




Every casino software offered in different online casino should be different from one another. If not, what's the point of being a different online casino if all the software offered are just the same. A lot of users like to play on original and unique casino software.

Originality of a casino software doesn't limit itself to gameplay. It can be different in other aspects or elements used.


A lot of online casino players likes to have good quality graphics especially if that online casino has some 3D-like elements.

The presentation of elements can be vital in pleasing players to play on that casino more frequently than not.


Of course a game is nothing better if it doesn't have sound effects on it.

Having sounds in your software is also a really good effect to have that 'real' casino feel.


Not all online casino players have that patience especially in waiting a casino software to load. That is why speed of a casino software needs to be fast or faster if possible.

Even if you have all those graphics and other elements running through the system, make sure that the software will run without the hassle of waiting.


A lot of newbies and other online casino players that don't know how to use a casino software or play online. It is advisable if the online casino you're playing is user-friendly as much as possible.

If somehow the sofware differs from other casino softwares offered in other online casinos. Online casinos should have manuals or how-to guides to help these people out.

This also includes language translations etc.




Security is one of the things you should really look out. This is one of the most important things to remember when choosing an online casino. Why? Well because we're dealing with real money here. Do you want to give your money away without having a single assurance that it is secure and safely deposited in a real bank?

Your privacy online is also a thing to look at. If the online casino doesn't provide privacy, your private details might be revealed to other people online which is a hassle especially because you have your real bank account or credit card number stated in it.

Look for their license or their software provider. If they are somehow being provided by top online casino software developers you can use this as an assurance that they are not scam sites.


A lot of online casino players are scattered all over the planet. An online casino should have this particular service to accommodate inquiries from different countries.

Make sure that their services is as good as they are saying or you might just end up like other players stuck on the phone for several hours waiting for your problem to be fixed.


Another thing to consider is the payout time and money transaction method. Because it deals your winnings, you might want to be more strict in choosing a good online casino that offers a wide range of money transaction methods and lesser payout time.

They can either be credit cards, wire transfers, third party money processors like PayPal, etc. Check out if they offer the kind of transaction that you prefer before you sign up for an account.

Most websites claim that you can cash out your payouts in a period of time such as 3-5 business days. But it always doesn't hurt to check out if it's true or not.


Reputation and Popularity are also some of the things to look out for when choosing the right online casino. This two already says a lot without using promotional phrases and such. If an online casino of your interest has these qualities then you might just have a winner.

Another way of looking to an online casino's reputation is their software providers. If they are somehow provided by top online casino software providers, you can ease up a bit on your doubts.

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