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Getting Paid

One of the convenient way of making money is through online casinos. All you have to do is sit into your comfortable place in your home and giving in to the enticement of the 'game'. Because of the huge acceptance of online gaming by the people, online gaming sites has been popping out in the internet. And because all of the gaming sites are designed to catch viewers attention, picking the right and genuine sites is a hard thing to choose.

Online casino like an impeccable reputation in the gaming industry and amongst players. Its keeping up a truly fair, clear and secure gaming environment that helps in building a long lasting relationship with clients. Online casino is manifested in their unique built-in games and financial lay-out plans with transparency.

Opening An Online Casino Account

If you want to open an account at an online casino just follow their instructions and I assure you it is very simple and most likely casino sites explained in step by step procedures. All online casino sites have their own system of registration and the instruction for opening an account is differ from all other online casinos. And worry not, because the basic instruction does not change.

How To Withdraw Your Winnings

There are many ways of cashing out your winnings in online casino sites. As recommended always use the fast and free way of transaction but not all online casino sites are offering this kind of terms. Using credit cards is one of the very safe way of cashing out your winnings. Authentic and high quality online casinos use secure banking technology, like what major bank transactions are using which is in favor of the client.

Also, there are other ways of withdrawing your winnings from your online casino accounts. Some of these ways are by the using debit cards, online money transaction programs, bank checks, and many more. And of course, speed and charges are differs on the type of transaction used.

Claiming Online Casino Bonuses

Just like any other withdrawing processes, online casinos also requires you for your identifications or certain personal information. In order to process and claiming out more easily your winnings or bonuses, providing your organized personal documents is recommended. And because you giving out personal information just be sure that you make transaction with an authentic and secure online casinos.

Seek Help To Customer Support

Having a hard time cashing out your winnings? Or been confused in online casino games? Contact the online casino and ask about their policies and ways of payment. Making this move would not just assure you that you will get your payment on time but also getting the chance to checking out their customer support service.

If your asking for help, always be polite and nice to online casino representatives. Shouting and bad words would just making the problem worst.

And always remember to be patient in waiting for the results of your query. For it will take some time to process due to several verifications.

Different Withdrawal Methods

More and more often,players are looking for an online casino that has fast and easy cash out/ withdrawal and deposit methods. Some online casinos are now offering instant payments and payouts with just one click. Since most online casinos have been concentrating on speeding up their withdrawals, new player sign-ups are rising significantly. With new instant payment features, the fastest withdrawal payouts can be completed within a mere ten minutes. This is the new standard that online casino game players are coming to expect. Here are some of the safe and secure methods in getting your payouts, which can process your payouts in US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds:


is a web-based money account that you are able to fund from your bank account or via credit cards, electronic fund transfer and other local payment options. It is available in many countries using local currencies. Once you have created an account and have set in funds, you are able to begin spending. You can easily fund your MyCitadel e-wallet by transferring money from your personal bank account or via your Visa or MasterCard.


is an electronic currency system for making secure online payments that is run by WM Transfer Ltd. It is similar to Paypal and other e-currency services. The registration process requires email verification and you are asked to verify your identity through sending an SMS from your mobile phone. You can fund your WebMoney wallet via bank wire, by receiving money from other account holder, by a pre-paid WebMoney card or via money order.


is a prepaid card from the family of Visa which is extremely popular in Italy. You can reload the card whenever you want trough post offices and make online purchases. It is also accepted by most of the online casinos.


is a brand of MasterCard and issued by most of the Banks in United Kingdom. It is also accepted by the biggest online casinos for both deposits and withdrawals.

Bank Wire Transfer

Your payouts are wired directly to your bank account and credited within 2 to 5 business days. You may be charged a fee by intermediary banks, and 3rd party costs are beyond the casino's control.

American Express

is the leader on the US market and enables people to make purchases in thousands of outlets, online stores and casinos. The only negatives of Amex cards are the higher processing fees compared to Visa and MasterCard.

Check by Courier

Payouts are sent daily from Monday through Friday. Your Tracking Number will be emailed to you.


During busy periods, online requests for Cash Methods are subject to availability.


Free to use. Funds will be sent directly to your UseMyWallet account and credited on 1 to 3 working days upon your request. You must have a registered UseMyWallet account to accept funds.


Free to use. Funds will be sent directly to your Click2Pay account and credited on 1 to 3 working days upon your request. You must have a registered Click2Pay account to accept funds. This payment method is only available to players outside of the United States.


Free to use. Instant approval as long as you have a funded Moneybookers account. Fund your Moneybookers account by bank transfer. This payment method also is only available to players outside of the United States.


Free to use. Funds will be sent directly to your EcoCard account and credited the same day as you request. You must have a registered EcoCard account to accept funds. This payment method also is only available to players outside of the United States.


is a online payment method that allow clients to deposit funds from your bank account to your favorite casino site or online store instantly. There are no fees for processing transactions with POLi. This solution is very popular in Australia and New Zealand.


This electronic wallet is similar to PayPal, but superior in several ways. Most notably, eWalletXpress is eligible to be used through online gambling sites in North America, while PayPal may not.

Online Casino Payment Guides

Possibly one of the most daunting things that a new players can face when playing online for the first time is having to fund their player account at a casino. Most of the uncertainty when it comes to making a deposit is the safety and security of the one's personal banking details and funds while transacting online. Also, with the sheer variety of payment options available, it's difficult to know which ones to choose.

After years of funding our own bankrolls and playing online, we have put together the following guide to help ensure that your casino experiences are safe and secure and all you have to worry about is having fun.

There are a number of payment providers that are available to online gamblers.The following are the documentations that online casinos usually require: The amount you want to withdraw (applying the minimum and maximum amount with regards to the payment method)

  • Account name: The name on the bank account you want to withdraw the money to
  • Account ID: Your bank account number (that can be 8 or 9 digits)
  • Routing ID: Your bank routing number
  • Bank name: The name of your bank
  • Bank address: Address of bank branch your account is in

Always exercise caution. It is important to make a copy of your withdrawal form to have a back-up your documents. You can fax them to the cashier from official faxing agencies like Kinkos or Office Depot, or other faxing companies that maintain a record for every fax transmission they make. If the online casino claims that your withdrawal form is not received, you can use your back-up copies and the fax record in order for your payouts to be processed.

Ask for support. In the event that you encounter some problems that you do not expect while getting your payments, you can ask for help from the casino through their customer support services. Always remember to be polite and pleasant when you talk to representatives of the casino.

Getting paid is an important event for a gambler because it is the moment when they will get their hard-earned winnings from the casino games. So manage your winnings wisely. And don't forget to always have fun.

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