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Roulette comes from the french word meaning “little wheel”. Out of many Casino games, the game roulette became one of the most favorable games played during the 18th century. Back when Prince Charles of Monaco made it as a solution to his kingdoms adversities.

Roulette is one of those casino games that said to be an ultimate game of chance. It is a slow paced table game which is easy to understand and easy to play. One of the oldest and easiest game in Casino, whether it is an online or land-based.

The Goal

Playing roulette is different from other slow paced table games. Its main objective is for you to initiate the winning number that will appear on the roulette wheel. It may be an odd or even number, color red or black, or a single number and combinations of numbers.

Rotation of Chances in Roulette

The roulette wheel is set in an oblong table. The wheel has 37 (in European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette) colored and numbered pockets. In the game, the bettor may choose to bet on a single number or in a range of numbers. They may also place their bets on the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even. After placing their bets, the croupier will spin the wheel on one direction and the then spin the ball in an opposite direction. As the wheel stop spinning, the ball will loss its momentum and fall into one of the roulette's pockets.

Roulette Betting Systems

There are varieties of roulette betting system for you to choose from. Your choice depends on how much you understand the system, or how much math will it cost, or simply because this is what you want.

Andruci or Pivot

This system will make you list all the winning numbers on a piece of paper while you play. The most repeated number is your “pivot” number. Meaning the possibility to land on this number on the next turn is high. Place your bet on your pivot number and if you win, continue using this number. If you don't, try another pivot number. It can be applied to any roulette wheel and any casino, be it online or land-based. Using this law while playing roulette, can turns odds in your favor as it is based on statistical distribution theory.


This system was derived from the famous Mathematician, Leonardo Pisan or also known as Fibonacci. The system is based on his mathematical number sequence where the number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. If you win cross out the last two numbers and start a new number. Then, if you lose, just follow the sequence.

Oscar's Grind

This system is very simple and comprehensive so even the beginner in the world of online roulette won't have any problems acquiring it. When you lose in betting one unit, you have to keep your bet on that unit. When you win, increase the size of your bet to one. The goal of the system is to make one unit profit per cycle and when the goal has been achieved, the game stops.


It is considered as the most popular roulette system. The idea of the system is that the player has to double his bet every time he loses to win his money back and win from there. This system is not for those player who holds their money tightly. Those who are afraid of losing money must use other type of the systems.


Labouchere is a betting system that has won the popularity throughout the world. In the core of the system lies the idea that the player should use a series of numbers in line to take a decision how to bet after a win or a loss. The player takes the sum of the first and last number on his list. If the player wins, he must cross out the numbers. If he loses, the player must add the number he had bet to the last number on his list. If you keep on losing in this system, stop. Your chances are not questionable. You'll lose for the next rounds.

Double Street

With this strategy you have to bet six chips per one spin involving two chips on each of double streets wager and a chip on the corner and the straight number wagers. Using this strategy you have to keep in mind that you will lose six chips if the number that you didn't cover wins.


D'Alembert is a roulette system used only with even money bets and the outcome of which depends on whether the outcome is distributed evenly. The goal is to increase your bet one unit after a loss and lowers his bet after winning a unit. The system is used mainly by the beginners and occasional players and to an experienced player it might seem too easy.

Dopey Experiment

Dopey Experiment is not a regular roulette strategy that guarantees incredible wins. It shouldn't be taken too seriously as you will hardly earn much money with its help. So the main purpose of the system is to break even and not heaps of money.

Though we can notice that in every game we play, we always look for strategies. But we are talking about Roulette. It doesn't really require strategies. But these said strategies will help you to increase your chances in winning. After all its a game of chance, right?

Roulette's Amazing Facts

Roulette as “The Devil's Game”
Because the sum of all the numbers in the table gives a total of triple six or 666.

17 as the famous numbered bet
Because of James Bond. He betted on this number on some of hos movies.

The Numbers and Colors
Because the numbers on the wheel was placed strangely to keep the fairness of the game.

The Wheel Itself
Because of James Bond. He betted on this number on some of hos movies.

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